Cancer Research

 This year our main focus will be Cancer Research with the owner, Diane Johnson aiming to run the Cancer Research Race for Life with her daughter and as many others that will join in.  We will be having a just giving link on this page so keep your eyes peeled and please donate generously as Diane really doesn’t like running.


Race For Life

Local Charity

 As a bowl we will also be supporting one local charity each year – this years is yet to be decided but information about it will appear here…


Lennox Childrens Cancer Fund The Lennox Charity

 Last year we focused on helping out the Lennox Charity.  This charity is based in Romford in Essex and is a Childrens Cancer fund.  They tend to focus on specific cases each time and ask for support from local businesses to use their scratch cards.  You normally have to pick a number from 1 to 100 and then at the end of an amount of time, the winning number is revealed and half the money raised goes to the winner of guessing the correct number and the other half goes to the charity.  Last year we raised over £150 for this charity so thank you everyone who had a go and helping us to raise those ever important funds.