Health and Safety


We want you to have a great time bowling so please see below a few simple rules so you can enjoy bowling safely.

  • You may have already guessed it but bowling balls are heavy. Make sure you grip them firmly and do not mess about with a ball in your hands.
  • Please make sure that children are properly supervised at all times.
  • Watch out for balls returning to the racks; keep your fingers away from the ball return flap.
  • When bowling never go beyond the foul line at the beginning of the lane.  The lanes are covered in oil and are very slippery.
  • If a ball gets stuck call for a member of staff for assistance.
  • If you spill any food or drink please tell a member of staff immediately.  It can
  • Should an accident occur, please notify the manager on duty immediately.  There is always help at hand and first aid is available at all our departments.
  • Our staff are trained and always ready to help.  Please ask for assistance.
  • Please do not bring bikes and scooters in to the centre and motorcycle helmets, hats, and hoods should be removed.

Safety Matters